How we work

We are at our best when focused on delivering improved outcomes for service users and their families.

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Our values

Cordis Bright believes that public services can change lives for the better. We are committed to using evidence-based research, robust evaluation and proven consultancy approaches to deliver change for our clients.

We are at our best when focused on delivering improved outcomes for service users and their families.

What this looks like for you


We deliver high quality work that delivers impact and value.


We are committed to helping you tackle any inequity in service provision, access, and impact, with a particular focus on those who are most vulnerable to experiencing poor outcomes.


We take a collaborative approach. With our clients, we work in partnership and seek to leverage and grow their own skills, knowledge and expertise. With service users, we recognise the power of co-production and have a successful track record in working with people with lived experience and peer researchers.


We offer a culture where your staff and our team are supported and given space to make a positive contribution to projects, to their colleagues, community and wider society.


We aspire to offering you a team with a diversity of background, life experience and opinion which, in turn, boosts the quality of our work and the insight that we generate.


We implement approaches that are open, honest, thoughtful, participative and based on strong evidence of ‘what works’.

We recognise the power of working in partnership. For a number of years now, we have been building relationships – and undertaking projects – with a core of organisations that share our values, are experts in their respective fields, bring complementary skills, and add extra capacity. To demonstrate our commitment to work together deeply for the benefit of our clients, we have brought these organisations together under a single banner: Sonder.

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