ADASS Spring Survey 2021

Resources 19 July 2021

ADASS Spring Survey 2021

Analysis by Cordis Bright.

On 14 July, ADASS published its annual Spring Survey of adult social care services in England. Responses were received from 147 local authorities (97% response rate). Analysis was undertaken by Cordis Bright, in partnership with ADASS Resources Leads.

Our analysis highlighted the following key trends:

  • Under investment means that more people are in need of social care and support but fewer are getting it and many are getting less.
  • Delays to assessments and reviews are having a detrimental impact on people's lives.
  • Government funding through the Adult Social Care Precept and Social Care Grant is insufficient to fund the costs of demographic pressures and the National Living Wage.
  • Local authorities are increasingly reliant on local taxation and short-term and unsustainable funding sources.
  • We must prioritise funding for care and support for working age adults as well as for older people.
  • There is a growing disconnect between increasing adult social care need and the financial ability and confidence of Directors (on behalf of local authorities) to meet that need.
  • Directors want to prioritise investment in earlier intervention and prevention and new ways of working, but do not have adequate resources to do so.
  • Much of the voluntary, community and social enterprise sector is at risk over the next year.
  • Care markets have been further hit by the pandemic.
  • There is an impending crisis in the retention of social care staff. We must reward as well as recognise the role that staff in adult social care play.
  • We will only enable the NHS to recover post-Covid by prioritising adult social care.
  • This is about people, not numbers.

For further details visit the ADASS website.

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