Pulse Special: UK Disability History Month 2023

Cordis Pulse 12 December 2023

Pulse Special: UK Disability History Month 2023

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This special edition of the CordisPulse was produced to mark the 14th UK Disability History Month - a national awareness campaign that takes place from 16 November to 16 December each year. The campaign aims to highlight disabled people’s struggle for equality and human rights in the UK, as well as their achievements in creating social change.

During this year’s campaign, the Cordis Bright team have been reflecting on conducting research and evaluation in partnership with disabled people and in ways which are as inclusive as possible. We have been looking at examples of research conducted by others, and also considering our own research practices.

This PulseSpecial highlights some examples of recent publications related to our sectors, which were informed by research or co-production with disabled people. We selected them by reviewing all reports, briefings and tools included in our 2023 versions of the CordisPulse to consider whether and how disabled people were involved in producing them, or in the research and activities that underpin them. In total, we identified ten sources which referred to disability. Four explicitly mentioned the involvement of disabled people as part of the research process.

These reports illustrate different approaches to engaging disabled people in research and co-production, as well as the value of their involvement in ensuring that strategies, guidance and programmes can account for the specific experiences of disabled people and be more responsive to their priorities, preferences and needs.

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