Reflections on Black History Month

Resources 25 October 2021

Reflections on Black History Month

From a Director.

"I joined Cordis Bright in 2005, after working in Probation, Youth Justice and at HMIP. I have been fortunate enough - whilst of course suffering racism in the community, school and university - that my background and experience has been highly valued at Cordis Bright. As a British Asian woman, I have always been respected and my views have been heard and valued. The trajectory has not been easy, but I feel that I can share my lived experience with my work colleagues. I have been lucky enough to reach a senior position as the first Asian female Director here at Cordis Bright, with my skills and expertise being recognised and nurtured within the early part of my career. 

"Black History Month is very close to my heart and is also one which is valued by my colleagues. Given the sectors we work in, we are aware of the inequalities and discrimination that continue to exist not just for Black, Asian and minority ethnic young people but also for communities as whole.

"We need to remember to focus on issues that pertain to Black History Month, not just as a yearly event but in our daily practice. Whilst there has been some progress in increasing diverse workforces across the health and social care sector, for me as an individual it is disappointing to still not see in 2021 a marked difference of more Black, Asian and other minority individuals at senior levels such as CEOs of local authorities, Directors of Children's Services, or Chiefs of NHS Trusts or CCGs. The landscape has to be different – so we can give young people confidence and aspiration of “Yes they can achieve anything despite their race and background”. Recently my 10 year old son (a keen rugby player) asked “Why are there not more Black and Asian players in the England rugby team?”. I pause and reflect on the challenges ahead not just in sport, but also across health and education which he will need to navigate. 

"My hope is that a decade on from now history does tell a different story – one that is more embracing of diversity and difference and where we can all achieve our potential. Hopefully too we will have more senior leaders from within our diverse communities at the levels that will bring about change for all."


Kam Kaur is a Director at Cordis Bright.

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