The positive impact of MEAM support

25 November 2021

The positive impact of MEAM support

Research on types of support and impact.

Since our report for year 4 of the five-year national evaluation of the MEAM Approach was published in October (which can be viewed on our website here), we have completed an additional piece of work for MEAM. This research focused on the support delivered by MEAM to local areas, a topic not covered in detail by the national evaluation.

We explored the type of support MEAM provides to the 33 local areas across England to help them in their adoption of the MEAM Approach, and the value and impact of this in helping local areas provide improved services for people experiencing multiple disadvantage. As with the national evaluation, this work was co-produced with an expert research group of people with lived experience of multiple disadvantage.

This very positive research found that local areas highly value MEAM support, particularly the critical friend and partnership support they receive, and found it extremely impactful in their work. The report can be downloaded below and is also published on the MEAM website.


The positive impact of MEAM supportDownload

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