Whole family domestic abuse programmes

Resources 18 November 2020

Whole family domestic abuse programmes

Six lessons learned

We evaluated three whole family domestic abuse programmes as part of the Department for Education's Children's Social Care Innovation Programme. This document identifies six key messages common across all three evaluations:

1. A robust needs assessment can help decide on priorities and benchmark future performance.

2. There is a need and demand for whole family approaches to tackling domestic abuse.

3. As well as whole family, approaches are likely to be most successful if they are whole system.

4. Whatever intervention or programme is chosen, a robust theory of change is crucial.

5. Making the case for investment in domestic abuse interventions requires robust measurement.

6. Effective evaluation can help to shape services in real time.

We hope these will be helpful for other areas or programmes examining how best to maximise the impact of interventions designed to tackle domestic abuse.


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