Adult social care

Good social care remains a fundamental building block of a modern caring society. Cordis Bright has been working with local authorities and service providers since the organisation was founded. We are acutely aware of the complex challenges which both parties face and the need to constantly find ways of making resources stretch further. We have an exceptional understanding of how care markets work and how the interface between that market and the local authority can impact on the quality and sustainability of services provided. We understand how to work with local authorities to gather and interrogate data which, in turn, can deliver real clarity and insight for the way forward. We know that service providers face incredible challenges around workforce, quality and sustained financial stability. We have worked with over 200 organisations to help them deliver the best services that they can.

In the same way as closer integration and co-operation between local authorities and the NHS increases, so too does collaboration particularly between not-for-profit providers of social care. Cordis Bright has directly assisted in over thirty successful mergers.

Cordis Bright has worked with ADASS supporting the organisation in the development and production of its annual finance survey report for the last four years and assisting with a range of other projects.

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