Public health

Increasingly, public health teams are commissioning Cordis Bright to undertake research, evaluation and performance improvement. Projects have included evaluating a systems-wide approach to reducing childhood obesity; undertaking research on public health approaches to tackling serious youth violence; providing advice and support on evaluating systems change; evaluating place-based programmes to improve public health outcomes; and designing and facilitating training for public health practitioners and others on systems thinking.

We recognise that, with increasing focus on the role of wider issues – such as housing, early years experiences, and contact with the criminal justice system – on health, much of our work ultimately relates to the public health domain. We think that’s important: the more we can focus resources on population-wide programmes, prevention, and early intervention, the more likely we are to improve health and other outcomes for more people in our society, especially those who are most disadvantaged.

Our public health experience is complemented, and informed by, our expertise in systems thinking. We have used this skillset to help our clients consider public services challenges discretely and in-the-round. We have helped clients identify the best places to take action, as well as opportunities for partners to work together to amplify their impact. If you would like to discuss these aspects of our work in more detail, then please contact Dr Natalie Savona on

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