Ashna Devaprasad


Ashna holds a BA LLB (Hons) in Law from the National Law University, Kochi, India, and an MPhil in Criminological Research (with Distinction) from the University of Cambridge.


For her Master's dissertation, she used framework and discourse analysis to study sentencing practices in death penalty trials, examining how judicial language affects both offenders and victims, as well as public perceptions of punishment. More widely, Ashna has worked on several research projects within the criminal justice sector focusing on sentencing, offender rehabilitation, domestic violence, and organised crime. Outside of her professional life, Ashna dedicates her time to volunteering with animal rights shelters and NGOs working to improve access to education for disadvantaged groups.

Ashna’s skills include:

  • Conducting quantitative data analysis in R and Excel.
  • Thematically coding and analysing qualitative data using Excel, NVivo, and MAXQDA.
  • Drafting literature reviews, research reports and policy briefs in consultation with stakeholders from government departments, think tanks, NGOs and international organisations.
  • Carrying out field interviews with vulnerable populations including young victims of serious violence.
  • Designing, conducting and analysing data from surveys and semi-structured interviews.

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