Ceri Hutton


Ceri is an associate at Cordis Bright. She brings 29 years’ experience of working in the not-for-profit sector, including ten years in HIV/AIDS and human rights work as a policy analyst, campaigner and director of a legal centre. As a freelance consultant she has worked with a wide range of organisations and has developed a specialism in refugee and migration issues as well as human rights. Her work has included a wide range of research, evaluation and review projects for both national and international organisations as well as practical work as a coach and facilitator with individuals and teams. She is a trained coach (passing her practical examination with distinction), and a director of MigrationWork CIC and On the Tin Ltd. Ceri has a degree in Modern Languages (French and Italian) from the University of Oxford.


“I most enjoy helping people think through how they can make the difference they want to make most effectively. Evaluation and review in particular have a powerful ability to feed change and improvement when done well, and I enjoy helping people think, talk and challenge themselves to get the best result for their work.”


Ceri’s experience includes:

  • Evaluations both large and small-scale. Ceri has led on numerous evaluations of programmes, projects and organisations to assess their impact. Her work has recently included evaluating projects aimed at enhancing legal provision to asylum seekers and refugees (for Comic Relief, Refugee Action and Paul Hamlyn Foundation) as well as looking at the impact of funding programmes such as UNHCR’s Border Management and Protection of Refugees programme (in Central Europe), the Strategic Legal Fund for Vulnerable Young Migrants, and the Big Lottery’s BASIS programme which funded of a national programme of capacity building for community groups.
  • Research. Ceri has authored numerous research reports into various social justice issues, in particular in relation to migrant issues. She is used to gathering and analysing a wide range of information and presenting it in an engaging way. She was the Head of Policy Development at the National AIDS Trust in the 1990s when she authored a range of public-facing reports, and more recently has co-authored The Destitution Trap for Refugee Action and researched a range of reports on legal advice for migrants including recently for both the Solicitors’ Regulation Authority and for Toynbee Hall.
  • Formative evaluation (coaching). Increasingly Ceri has been engaged as a ‘formative evaluator’, providing support to projects and programmes in ‘real time’ and feeding back findings to them as they go on. She has done this with European programmes as well as for UK projects and learning networks.
  • Involvement of users in evaluation and review. Ceri has a range of participatory techniques for both engaging and consulting with users from programmes. She is working on the Cordis Bright evaluation of the Blackpool Fulfilling Lives programme (training community researchers to contribute to the collection of evaluation data) and recently evaluated the Right Here programme which was about developing mental health services for young people.
  • Organisational review. Ceri has conducted numerous strategic reviews to enable organisations to assess their impact, take stock of their current positioning and devise future strategies to be even more effective. For example she worked with the Business and Human Rights Resource Centre and the Human Dignity Trust to review their work, facilitating staff and trustees to discuss emerging findings and identify new strategic priorities.
  • Coaching and training. Ceri has written and delivered hundreds of training courses on strategic, management and communications issues and is an associate at the Directory of Social Change and the Centre for Strategy and Communication. She is also a trained coach and works with individuals at senior level to help them identify goals and improve their performance.

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