Dr Jade

Dr Jade Morris

Senior Consultant

Jade completed her PhD on acute bouts of physical activity and their immediate effect on cognition and academic performance on primary school children. Since then, Jade has worked at several academic institutes (University of Bradford, King’s College London) focused on public health, behaviour change and epidemiological research.


Jade’s research experience and expertise includes:

  • Qualitative research methods including designing and conducting face-to-face and online interviews and focus groups with children, young people, parents/carers, and community members.
  • Qualitative analysis methods including thematic analysis, content analysis and meta-synthesis.
  • Quantitative research methods including collecting, cleaning, and analysing longitudinal school-based data, conducting rigorous randomised controlled trials and randomised crossover trials in school settings, accelerated cohort study, and conducting systematic reviews.
  • Dissemination methods include writing up reports, publishing in academic journals, creating visual slide decks and infographics.

Some of Jade’s research projects include: 

  • Co-designing a feasible physical literacy assessment tool for use in schools and community sports club, with a consortium of cross-sector stakeholders attending an in-person workshop using the Double Diamond Design Approach. Stakeholders included teachers, senior leaders, coaches, health professionals, public health representatives and representatives from sporting non-governing bodies.
  • Understanding the impact and implementation of a whole-school physical activity programme being delivered to >200 schools across the UK. Methods included focus groups with school staff and programme champions to understand the adoption, reach, fidelity, acceptability, culture, and complexity of the programme after one year of delivery.
  • Qualitative exploration to understand the training needs of stakeholders beyond the school environment that support effective and sustainable whole-school physical activity promotion, in line with World Health Organisation guidance. Methods included European online survey followed by online focus groups with policymakers, practitioners, and researchers across Europe. Outputs include a policy briefing for stakeholder training recommendation both within and between European countries.
  • Successfully project managed an ongoing 5-year research project tracking the determinants of mental health among marginalised young people in inner-city London. This involved coordinating large-scale data collection and engagement approaches to consolidate ~2000 young people to help understand the impact of Covid-19 on their mental health.

Jade joins the team in February 2024.

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