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Hannah has a BA (Hons) in Jurisprudence from the University of Oxford and an MPhil in Criminology with distinction from the University of Cambridge. 


“I am motivated by helping people find impactful solutions to complex problems through robust research and analysis. The opportunity to change lives for the better in a wide range of sectors is what really excites me about working at Cordis Bright.”


Hannah’s master’s research sought to provide an account of the release and resettlement of men convicted of sexual offences in England & Wales, from their own perspectives. By conducting a secondary analysis of interview material drawn from a larger study on entry into and release from prison conducted by The Comparative Penology Project led by Professor Ben Crewe, her analysis compared the expectations of men convicted of sexual offences in prison with their post-release experiences.

Prior to joining Cordis Bright, Hannah was Project Manager of a graduate research project on the management of people convicted of sexual offences in seven jurisdictions in collaboration with the Cambridge Pro Bono Project and the Human Dignity Trust. Through her volunteer work as an Oxford Legal Assistance volunteer and at Amicus ALJ, she provided research and casework assistance on immigration and asylum cases, and on mitigation investigations on capital defence cases in the US.

Hannah’s research skills include:

  • Designing and conducting qualitative studies in a diverse range of settings, using techniques including interviews, ethnographic observations and focus groups.
  • Liaising with a variety of stakeholders and service users to develop strong relationships that benefit the quality of the research and the client.
  • Analysing qualitative responses using NVivo to translate complex data on difficult issues into accessible reports and insights.
  • Analysing academic journals and reports and conducting sophisticated desk-based research to write high-quality and in-depth literature reviews and reports.

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