Dr Jono

Dr Jono Taylor


Jono has a BA and MPhil from the University of Cambridge.


“I am passionate about producing research which helps policy makers to take decision that can most benefit others. I particularly value directly engaging with stakeholders and service users in order to draw on upon their insights and expertise; perspectives that are invaluable when evaluating existing programmes and planning for the future.”


Jono is highly skilled in desk-based research and fieldwork. His experience includes:

  • Reviewing literature, policy and best practice on issues ranging from risk factors associated with gang membership to care market sustainability and supporting veterans in transition. This has informed service development, training provision and central government guidance.
  • Quantitative analysis of demographic sources such as Census reports and local- and regional-level public health material. This data has been used to better understand the local contexts in which projects are taking place.
  • Conducting qualitative interviews with a wide range of stakeholders and service users, from gang members to healthcare professionals, to gather their perspectives on projects/services. These have been conducted face-to-face and by telephone, and in structured and semi-structured environments.
  • Qualitative analysis of information obtained through focus groups and interviews. Analyses which have sought to understand the opinions and experiences of key stakeholders have contributed to project evaluations designed to enhance service delivery.
  • First-hand experience of advocating on behalf of service users with a range of vulnerabilities and support needs, such as those whose family members are involved in the criminal justice system, are seeking support for mental illness, are disabled, have physical health problems, have learning difficulties, and/or are living in poverty.

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