Julie Ramambason


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Julie has a BA (Hons) in Asian and Middle Eastern Studies (Arabic and Persian) from the University of Cambridge and is currently working towards a part-time BSc in Computer Science at the University of London. 


Prior to joining Cordis Bright, Julie took part in the Charityworks graduate scheme, working across a variety of different services linked to the housing and homelessness sector, with her role focusing on information governance and data protection. This role entailed working closely with local government, law enforcement, healthcare and other public sector stakeholders. Julie also has experience using open-source intelligence to identify and geo-locate events, including human rights abuses, that could impact the political, economic and security landscape in Iran.

Julie’s skills include:

  • Thematic analysis of qualitative data.
  • Undertaking literature reviews on a range of topics.
  • Producing detailed reports and summaries.
  • Conducting focus groups with a range of groups including stakeholders, children and service users.
  • Analysing large sets of quantitative data using programmes such as Excel and Tableau.

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