Dr Katie

Dr Katie Rix


Katie has a BA (Hons) from the University of Cambridge in Social and Political Sciences, MSc in Psychology from the Open University, and PhD in Psychology from the University of Greenwich. She has over ten years research experience and specialises in working with children and young people to design and conduct research and analyse these findings.


“I am passionate about the difference research can make to the lives of children, young people and adults. I also believe it is important to include them in the design of research and output, to enhance the impact of findings.”

Katie worked at Cordis Bright as a Researcher for two and a half years, before going to complete her PhD , in which she conducted a longitudinal study in schools to develop understanding of children's peer-related behaviours. Katie then continued this research during her post-doctoral position at the University of Greenwich, and worked at the University of Essex as a Psychology Lecturer. Most recently, Katie undertook the roles of Principal Research Officer and Research Manager for the National Children's Bureau. Currently, Katie also works for the Open University as an Associate Lecturer on their Psychology and Education modules

Katie is highly skilled in both quantitative and qualitative research design, fieldwork, analyses, and project management. She is experienced in bidding and leading research for a range of clients such as foundations, local authorities, charities, and universities. She is skilled across a range of research methods including: interviews across several mediums; focus groups; surveys; and observations. Katie is also experienced in: quantitative and statistical analysis; thematic analysis; and content analysis.

Some of her most recent work has specialised in research related to children and young people in the following areas:

  • Children missing education - interviews with children aged four years upwards; their parents/carers; local authority workforce.
  • The impact of reading in foster families - surveys and interviews with foster carers and children.
  • The association between poverty and relationships - statistical analyses of longitudinal data from the Millennium Cohort Study.
  • The impact of a reading programme for two years olds - surveys, interviews and training evaluation with pre-school staff and parents/carers.
  • The impact of a programme across Europe reducing obesity in adolescence - interviews with programme leaders, and surveys and interviews with young people.
  • Experiences of local authority workforce supporting children and young people displaying sexually harmful behaviours - training provided to local authority staff to conduct their own local research.
  • Families' experiences of paediatric services - interviews, focus groups and surveys with parents/carers and medical stakeholders.
  • A review of tools for assessing need amongst children with disabilities.
  • Cognitive development and peer-related behaviour amongst children aged four to seven years - cognitive activities and interviews with young children, and surveys with teaching staff.

Furthermore, Katie is an advocate for, and has led on the training and inclusion of Young Research Advisors to design and understand research findings. Katie also has a range of research experience with: deafblind adults, adults with learning disabilities, older adults and parents/carers.

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