Lucy Asquith



Lucy has expertise across mixed method evaluations (process and outcome, including QED), strategy development, change management and performance management.

She has a particular interest in community-led activities which have capacity to improve wellbeing, increase resilience and reduce the risk of escalation towards more complex services and interventions. Prior to Cordis Bright, Lucy held management at the Charity Commission and a range of local and national charities. This experience informs Lucy’s pragmatic approach to consultancy, recognising the power of working with of existing systems, contexts, cultures and institutions when seeking to deliver meaningful improvement.



Lucy’s recent evaluation assignments include:

  • Leading a mixed methods process and outcome evaluation of hyper-local approaches to supporting neighbourhoods which experience violent crime. It aims to strengthen existing community skills and capacity to prevent and respond to incidents of violent crime.
  • Leading a mixed methods outcome evaluation of Innovation Unit’s “Living Well” initiative which is piloting more holistic approaches to organising community mental health services in four locations across the UK.
  • A four-year process evaluation of the Health Foundation’s “Exploring Social Franchising” initiative. This programme examines the way in which social franchising operates as a mechanism for scaling health innovations within the NHS.
  • QED studies tracking individual patient journeys to explore the extent to which community mental health innovations may be affecting secondary care use.

Lucy’s recent consultancy assignments include:

  • Working with a housing association to understand the viability of its supported housing portfolio and exploring options for managing these assets in a way which aligns more clearly with the organisation’s strategy.
  • Working with a regional social care charity to appraise mental health business development options. This included analysis of demand, supply, ability to pay and overall market position, along with advice to the leadership team regarding next steps.
  • Drafting four pieces of guidance for Welsh Government and the Local Government Association concerning approaches to performance management.

Alongside her work at Cordis Bright, Lucy is a Non-Executive Director of a Housing Association in Wales. She has a BA from Oxford University, an MSc in management from Bayes Business School and hold a Change Management Practitioner certificate.

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