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Rachel has a first-class BSc Psychology Degree (Industrial) from the University of Leeds.


“It’s great to work on a wide range of projects at Cordis Bright. We use a mix of high-quality research methods, utilising the broad expertise we have and tailoring our approach to the client and specific project. Part of what makes our approach successful and rewarding is the focus on both helping our clients work effectively and aiming for meaningful change in communities and individual’s lives.”

Rachel's skills include:

  • Producing high-quality reports with actionable insights for clients, as well as designing more lay friendly and visual communications.
  • Ensuring projects are effectively tailored to the client’s needs, timescales and budget.
  • Designing research tools such as surveys, interview topic guides and evaluation frameworks.
  • Analysing large sets of quantitative data, using programmes such as SPSS, Q and Excel.
  • Conducting and analysing in-depth semi-structured interviews with a variety of stakeholders, including delivery staff, strategic stakeholders, and children and young people.
  • Utilising other qualitative methods, such as focus groups and mobile ethnography, to creatively engage with stakeholders and gain useful insights.
  • Conducting desk research and utilising data from secondary sources, such as for in-depth literature reviews.

Rachel’s recent and current projects include:

  • Programme concept test of the Amber Foundation, which provides supported accommodation for young people aged 16-30 facing multiple disadvantage, including homelessness and unemployment. The support includes full-time intensive education, employment and training support, alongside therapeutic support and activities such as sports and art.
  • Evaluation of Barnardo’s response to refugees from Ukraine, which included a Ukrainian Support Helpline (available across the UK) and the Scotland Welcome (Ukraine) Service. It aims to provide advice, practical and emotional support, and therapeutic support to individuals and families fleeing to the UK as a result of the war in Ukraine. It also aims to support hosts accommodating refugees from Ukraine.
  • Evaluation of the Centre for Responsible Credit's Financial Shield, which brings together creditor and health agencies in Lambeth and Southwark to improve health and financial wellbeing for people who have long term health conditions and who are experiencing financial problems.
  • Evaluation of the Health Foundation’s Exploring Social Franchising and Licensing Programme, which investigated the potential for social franchising and licensing within the UK health and care sector by working directly with four selected originator projects which were seeking a more robust approach to scaling and spreading their healthcare innovations.
  • An assessment of Domestic Violence Perpetrator Programmes (DVPP) for the Home Office & West Midlands PCC, which aimed to improve understanding of what works for preventing domestic abuse offending, especially once a perpetrator has been identified. In addition, resources were produced to support commissioners and providers in the West Midlands and nationally to assess need for DVPPs and on how the impact of programmes can be demonstrated.

Prior to joining Cordis Bright, Rachel’s experience included working as a Market Researcher on both qualitative and quantitative projects for UK and internationally based clients, including charities and medical membership bodies, as well as leading universities and academic journals. She also has experience of utilising health data to aid the work of a regional cancer charity, as well as working in a nursing home and volunteering with various organisations, such as helping run a local holiday club for primary school children.

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