Samyukta Srinivasan



Samyukta has a BA in Psychology, Sociology and English Literature from Jyoti Nivas College, India. She pursued an MSc in Counselling Psychology from Montfort College, Bangalore, India, and later, an MSc in Research Methods of Psychological Science from the University of Glasgow.


Before joining Cordis Bright, Samyukta worked for social organisations like U&I, Seva in Action, and Arpita Foundation. Prior to pursuing her second masters degree, she worked as a counsellor for Hibiscus Foundation of Social Work, a youth-based organisation working for mental health advocacy.

As part of her MSc in Counselling Psychology, she co-authored a study on self-esteem among Tik-Tok users and nonusers, which she presented at a national-level conference. Her dissertation examined the relationship between self-regulation learning strategies and academic procrastination in young adults, to better examine environmental and social influences of academic procrastination. Samyukta’s dissertation at the University of Glasgow focused on analysing a psychometric measure of emotion differentiation.

Samyukta’s research skills include:

  • Analysing quantitative data, and large datasets using Excel, SPSS, and R.
  • Analysing existing literature to identity gaps in research and producing in-depth reviews of literature.
  • Psychometrics, designing and undertaking survey research and interviews.
  • Recruitment and retention of participants.
  • Writing scientific reports focused on disseminating information to a wide range of audience.

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