Scarlett Whitford-Webb


  • 07821 665 974

Scarlett has a BA (Hons) in Anthropology from the University of Bristol and an MSc in Medical Anthropology from Durham University. Scarlett has also held a research position at the NIHR, where she was responsible for conducting in-depth health care policy analysis for the innovative TAPCARE study. The study aims to help primary care settings become ‘trauma-informed’ - prevent the re-traumatisation of patients who have experienced domestic violence.


Prior to joining Cordis Bright, Scarlett worked for Verita Consultancy Ltd, where she transcribed and thematically coded interviews of staff and patients for the Independent Investigation into East Kent Maternity Services. The recommendations developed from Scarlett’s work were published in the final investigation report given to the Department of Health and Social Care in October 2022.

Scarlett’s skills include:

  • Conducting semi-structured interviews and focus groups.
  • Designing research tools such as interview guides and surveys.
  • Thematically coding interview transcripts and policy papers using Excel framework matrixes.
  • Undertaking rigorous desk-based research to produce detailed literature reviews.
  • Collaborating with senior researchers to deliver co-produced, peer-reviewed research.

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