Stella Butler


  • 07821 666 022

Stella has a first class BA (Hons) degree in Politics, Philosophy and Economics from the University of Manchester.


Stella’s skills include:

  • In-depth literature and policy review
  • Working closely with service users with complex needs
  • Analysis and interpretation of quantitative data using Excel
  • Designing and undertaking interviews and surveys

Prior to joining Cordis Bright, Stella worked in local authority housing in the London Borough of Tower Hamlets. Stella has experience in community support work, public sector procurement, welfare rights advice and community homelessness services.

In her previous role, Stella worked on a spend analysis project involving the processing and analysis of large amounts of spend data with the aim of identifying new procurement needs. She also produced a research project focused on improving support for residents in the face of rising energy prices. Stella used semi-structured interviews, a survey and a review of existing literature in order to establish current best practice in the sector. The report also included recommendations and an assessment of feasibility for the implementation of them. Smaller research projects also undertaken included an analysis of noise nuisance policy and an assessment of the organisation’s current ‘offer’ to residents, involving the extent to which services were personalised to meet residents’ unique needs.

Stella has worked in various organisations offering services to people with special communication and access needs. Stella has experience working with members of the community with low levels of digital literacy and those requiring interpreters to communicate.

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