ADASS Covid-19 budget survey

Resources 15 June 2020

ADASS Covid-19 budget survey

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ADASS have published results from their coronavirus survey which was completed by Directors of Adult Social Services. Cordis Bright provided analytical support and helped to identify the following key findings:

  • Directors have seen significant changes in the way that people’s needs present to them since March 2020.
  • Overall, the onset of the pandemic has led to an increase in the number of people presenting adult social care needs to local authorities and unmet need.
  • There is a concerning decline in people approaching some local authorities for support for domestic abuse and safeguarding issues.
  • Councils have rapidly adapted to changing circumstances.
  • Directors see that coronavirus has made extremely fragile care markets even more susceptible to market failure at the detriment to those people accessing care and support services.
  • Local authorities have been proactive in engaging with and taken a range of measures to support providers.
  • Help is needed from government in relation to testing, additional funding, better access to PPE, testing and having more influence on NHSE decision making.
  • Directors have significant concerns about the availability of testing for people receiving social care, unpaid carers and personal assistants.
  • Additional funding is required from Government, above and beyond that already committed, to support the adult social care response to the pandemic.
  • The focus on rapid discharge from hospital without taking account of the needs of the whole health and care system has had tragic consequences.
  • An absence of testing for people leaving hospital during the period of Rapid Discharge could have accelerated the spread of Coronavirus in care settings.
  • There is a concerning proportion of Directors who believe that there are insufficient primary and community services in their local areas to support local people’s needs.
  • A significant proportion of people leaving hospital rapidly did not receive an assessment of their needs as part of discharge to assess.
  • Concerningly, only 11% of Directors believe that every individual in their local authority area was discharged to the right place for them first time to best meet their needs.

You can download a full copy of the report below. Further information is also available on the ADASS website.


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