Black History Month

19 October 2021

Black History Month

Our plans for 2021.

October is Black History Month. In line with Catherine Ross’ recent article, we are using this as another opportunity to re-affirm our commitment as individuals and as an organisation to educate ourselves about Black history, heritage and culture – as part of our efforts to understand racism and to stand in solidarity against it. It is perfect timing as it follows on from two company-wide training sessions on cultural competency and a cross-company coproduction approach to developing a new Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Strategy.

This Black History Month we are making a particular effort to educate ourselves about the contributions that Black people have made across the sectors in which we specialise (children’s services, adult social care, criminal justice and the NHS): both historically and in contemporary society. We will use this material to stimulate further discussions across the team and we plan to share outputs on our website too. We hope you’ll find them useful and interesting.

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