Cordis Pulse: April 2021

Cordis Pulse 27 April 2021

Cordis Pulse: April 2021

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A number of publications this month marked a year since the first national lockdown in the UK. They took the opportunity to reflect on the impact of the pandemic and to look ahead to the future. For example, Buttle UK published a report looking at the impact for children, young people and families who were already struggling.

Linked to the above, we were pleased to see an article in the Guardian this month about the Covid Financial Shield project. Cordis Bright are the evaluation partner of this project which is a pilot scheme in London aiming to improve physical, mental and financial wellbeing for people with long-term health conditions by providing dedicated financial support and advice. We look forward to publishing findings about this vital and often overlooked area and the results of the Covid Financial Shield project soon.


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