Cordis Pulse: January 2024

Cordis Pulse 25 January 2024

Cordis Pulse: January 2024

Our monthly digest of policy and research.

Last month was UK Disability History Month and the Cordis Bright team spent time reflecting on how we can improve our research practices to better involve disabled people.

Consulting with disabled people and their families is a core component of our work. The evidence that it generates is hugely valuable. It helps to ensure that services are designed with disabled people in mind and deliver positive experiences and outcomes for disabled people who access them.

But how do you undertake consultation in a way that is appropriate, meaningful and robust?

We have published a tool on conducting accessible fieldwork. This distils a range of effective practice drawing on desk-based research and combines it with our experience of working with – and learning from – disabled adults, disabled children and their families. We think the toolkit will be useful to others working in the field so have published it here. We recognise that this is an area of continuous improvement and would welcome any feedback you may have. Please contact Hannah Nickson on

To download a copy of the Pulse, click on the link below.


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