Domestic abuse perpetrator programmes webinar

Resources 16 May 2023

Domestic abuse perpetrator programmes webinar

What works in commissioning, design and delivery.

Cordis Bright recently hosted a webinar for over 90 stakeholders to explore what works in commissioning, designing and delivering domestic abuse perpetrator programmes (DAPPs). Stakeholders included those from local authorities, NHS, Police and Crime Commissioners, voluntary and community sector organisations and academic institutions.

Speakers including Hannah Nickson (Director, Cordis Bright), Dr Stephen Boxford (Director and Head of Research, Cordis Bright) and Professor Darrick Joliffe (Professor of Criminology, University of Greenwich) presented on the need for DAPPs; what works in the design and delivery of DAPPs and next steps for improving the evidence base about what works and for whom to support perpetrator interventions.

The webinar drew on the speakers’ extensive experience in research and evaluation to support domestic abuse service provision, including major studies Cordis Bright has delivered as part of the Home Office’s Domestic Abuse Perpetrator Research Fund 2020-2021 and 2021-2022, as well as our evaluations of domestic abuse perpetrator programmes for Police and Crime Commissioners and the Department for Education.

We are delighted to share recordings from the event and invite you to share them with anyone involved in commissioning, designing and delivering responses to domestic abuse, including programmes for perpetrators. If you are interested in connecting with us to discuss potential collaboration opportunities, please email us at

Watch the webinar in full:

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The need for and focus of DAPPs

Designing and delivering DAPPs

Developing the evidence base for DAPPs

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