Evaluation of Blackpool Fulfilling Lives: year 5 report

Resources 30 November 2020

Evaluation of Blackpool Fulfilling Lives: year 5 report

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Cordis Bright has been the independent evaluation partner for Blackpool Fulfilling Lives since March 2014. We have followed the development of the project over its seven-year life and have evaluated its progress as it has evolved from a fledging local partnership to playing a central role in developing a better system of services and support for people experiencing multiple disadvantage. We have produced five evaluation reports over the life of the project, with the early reports focusing on partnership development and relationship building and the most recent exploring in more detail which models of support work best for people facing multiple disadvantage. Our reports contain useful practical learning about the role of the navigator, who forms a relationship of trust with a small number of clients and acts as link between services; how to achieve systemic change at a local level; the role of people with lived experience in planning, commissioning and delivering services; the Housing First model, and the cost-effectiveness and sustainability of services such as Fulfilling Lives. We have been privileged to work in partnership with teams of peer researchers and the talented staff of Blackpool Fulfilling Lives to co-produce these evaluation reports.


Evaluation of Blackpool Fulfilling Lives: year 5 reportDownload

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