Leading in Colour

Resources 26 July 2021

Leading in Colour

Resource to support leaders to be inclusive and culturally competent.

The Staff College has recently published this resource aimed at white leaders across the public sector to help them become and stay inclusive and culturally competent, as well as an active contributor towards creating fairer workplaces and local communities. Leading in Colour: The Fierce Urgency of Now! has been produced by Meera Spillett, in partnership with Rose Durban and Rosemary Campbell-Stephens MBE.

We are lucky to have access to Meera’s expertise as she is a longstanding Cordis Bright Associate. As well as working on a range of projects for Cordis Bright, Meera has recently designed and led a training programme with the Cordis Bright team on cultural competency. She has also contributed to an action planning workshop with our management team.

We recommend Leading in Colour to anyone wanting to learn more about how to be more inclusive and culturally competent.

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