Lifetime Achievement Award

Resources 13 November 2023

Lifetime Achievement Award

Meera Spillett

We were delighted to learn that Meera Spillett was awarded a Lifetime Achievement Award at the Social Worker of the Year awards on 3 November. We have worked with Meera on a number of different projects and we know how well-deserved this award is. She has always been laser-focused on improving outcomes for children and young people and her insight and experience has been invaluable! Congratulations Meera!

Social Worker of the Year Awards say: As a visionary leader, Meera has faced adversity in her own personal world, but has always sought to overcome such challenges and use experiences to further enhance her empathy and insight in the world of social work. Meera is greatly admired by colleagues and seen as someone who inspires, encourages and always challenges for fairness and best practice.

For more information, visit https://www.socialworkawards.c....

Photo credit: (L-R) Broadcaster and journalist Ashley John-Baptiste with Meera Spillett, Sponsor representative Sally Cheshire and Sanctuary Personnel CEO James Rook. (credit: Social Work Awards)

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