Lived experiences of neurodiversity

Resources 17 April 2024

Lived experiences of neurodiversity

A blog.

Neurodiversity Celebration Week is a worldwide initiative, which for 2024 took place between the 18-24th of March. The week aims to challenge stereotypes about neurological differences and focuses on celebrating and championing neurodivergent individuals.

At Cordis Bright, our observance extends for a month, running from 18th March to 18th April, to celebrate neurodiversity, as part of which we continue to ensure Cordis Bright is an inclusive workplace for neurodivergent individuals.

As part of our internal events, we have produced a short blog post of a conversation we had with someone with lived experience of neurodiversity. In this, we discuss their journey of navigating neurodiversity, their experiences pre and post receiving a diagnosis, and barriers and enablers in their work and personal life.


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