Our digital first strategy

Resources 14 July 2021

Our digital first strategy

Our approach to working with you.

Cordis Bright, like many organisations, has been reflecting on what we have learned about our working practices during the period of lockdown and home working. Our conclusion is that online platforms offer real efficiencies to our clients in terms of both costs and time. This is particularly for complex projects with multiple stakeholders where organising physical meetings can be extremely challenging and often results in a slower timeframe.

Going forward, we will therefore structure our projects on the basis of a ‘digital first’ strategy in terms of meetings and other contacts with clients. We do appreciate that it may, on occasion, be appropriate or desired to have a physical meeting. For example, at the launch of an assignment. There are also aspects of our work which do not lend themselves so readily to a digital first strategy such as consultation with some vulnerable groups or frontline staff teams where a meeting in their place of work is often more efficient. We will work with our clients to ensure a best value approach to delivery, capitalising on the benefits of digital working and utilising physical meetings where they offer real advantage in terms of quality and outcomes.

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