Shared Lives Plus

Resources 18 June 2020

Shared Lives Plus

Research on how the model can support individuals with a range of health needs.

Our report for Shared Lives Plus focuses on the Scaling Shared Lives in Health programme, which ran from 2016 to 2019, and its impact across 70 Shared Lives schemes in England.

Key findings include a high percentage of schemes (79%) currently with exposure to health arrangements, with some developing more substantial portfolios. The report also identifies further challenges and solutions to enable further growth, such as a call to clarify overall strategic focus on whether to expand services for anyone with a health need, or those that could be funded through health budgets. To emphasise this point, evidence suggested many health-related arrangements were still found to be funded via social care channels.

Other overall recommendations include a focus on local relationships to identify gaps in service provision, further evidence gathering of the impact on the sector and a structured approach to a shared case study tool, which would allow greater inter-scheme learning.

You can download the report below and also visit the Shared Lives website here


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