YEF Diversion Grant Round

Resources 16 December 2021

YEF Diversion Grant Round

Cordis Bright appointed as evaluators.

Cordis Bright – working with Professor Darrick Jolliffe from the University of Greenwich – have been appointed as evaluators for two innovative mentoring programmes designed to act as an alternative to arrest, conviction and custody for children and young people.

  • Salford Foundation’s STEER project is focused on providing face-to-face mentoring for children who are at risk of becoming involved in violence. It is complemented by a programme of family support.
  • Nottinghamshire VRU is rolling-out a multi-level programme involving a ‘teachable moment’ intervention when a child comes into police custody. This is followed by a tailored programme that combines mentoring, restorative justice or speech and language therapy, if appropriate.

These projects – and the evaluations – are funded by the Youth Endowment Fund via their Diversion Grant Round.

We are working with each of these projects to pilot a Randomised Control Trial. This evaluation, commonly considered a gold standard approach, will provide the most robust evidence of the extent to which any changes achieved in children and young people’s outcomes are attributable to the intervention.

More information about the funding programme is available on the YEF website

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