Kam Kaur

Director and Lead for Safeguarding

  • 07909 649 870
  • kamkaur@cordisbright.co.uk

Kam leads projects across children’s services and youth offending and is both social work and probation qualified. She also holds a Diploma from OPM in Public and Private Partnerships. As a former HMI Inspector inspecting youth offending teams and in her role managing various YOTs she has considerable experience of the children’s sector and its challenges. 


“I have a real passion for ensuring outcomes for children and young people and this is best achieved by working from practitioner, operational manager through to strategic manager. I am particularly interested in performance management and applying this to improve practice. Supporting organisations and developing good leadership is at the heart of my work and one which gives a great sense of achievement.”


Kam is highly skilled in performance management, pre- and post-inspection work, coaching/mentoring, designing and facilitating training and undertaking evaluations. Recent experience includes:

  • Leading on change management with local authorities, working with Directors of Children’s Services and Operational Directors. This has involved providing robust solutions to performance issues, modelling effective practice in leadership, management and practice. 
  • Working with YOT Strategic Boards in improving engagement and partnership working, as well as supporting a focus on Disproportionality, Health and Education.
  • Leading evaluations and helping to understand 'what works'. Clients include central government, local authorities, voluntary and community sector and offices of police and crime commissioners. Topics include domestic abuse, early intervention, and serious youth violence.
  • Working with local authorities following Ofsted inspections to carry out rapid reviews of case files, which has included leading on a 300 case file read for one organisation. Other case reviews have included over 1,000 file audits of children with disabilities, Children in Need and child protection cases.
  • Leading pre- and post-inspection work, supporting improved practice with over 50 YOTs focussing on Asset Plus, intervention planning, recording and effective management oversight. Management workshops have made significant improvements swiftly and sustainably.
  • Supporting the roll-out of Trauma Informed Practice. Kam has worked with teams to understand trauma informed models, supported bid applications for funding for Enhanced Case Management and helped to shape evaluations to show 'what works'.
  • Undertaking performance reviews of Liaison and Diversion teams.
  • Supporting and coaching case managers especially on complex cases to ensure both a trauma informed/reflective practice approaches have been taken as well as guidance on ensuring risk and safety & wellbeing have been robustly assessed.
  • Offering specialist expertise in risk and safeguarding. Kam has delivered training to over 30 YOTs. 

Prior to joining Cordis Bright, Kam worked for HMI Probation inspecting both YOTs and Probation and she carried out specialist MAPPA work in Northern Ireland alongside police officers at Belfast Police Station. She has particular expertise in working with victims and in the area of Restorative Justice. Kam also has both operational and strategic experience of managing YOTs. She worked for Merseyside Probation Service for 6 years with her last frontline post being in Public Protection with Lifers and Sex Offenders.

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