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Tom set up Cordis Bright because he wanted to offer a straightforward, intellectually robust and competitive research and consultancy service. The aim was to provide consultancy and research outcomes that clients could use with confidence when planning for the future. It was also important to Tom that services really were complementary to the expertise and knowledge that clients brought to the table and that the final outcomes really were greater than the sum of the parts.


“Really good consultancy isn’t a magic trick, or a gimmicky process; really good consultancy is about taking the time to understand the needs of your client, putting in real effort to come up with a robust and workable plan, then working really hard and efficiently to deliver on time what you have agreed – it may not always be showy but it works and it is probably one of the reasons why more than 80% of what we do each year is with returning customers.”


Although Tom is the Chairman of Cordis Bright he spends most of his time working on consultancy projects mainly with larger provider organisations. His work is strongly focused on business development and, in particular, mergers and acquisitions, market intelligence and strategic planning. Tom has been working long-term with a range of clients providing ongoing insight and support to assist them in achieving the strategic and operational goals they have set.

As a commentator Tom has been instrumental in the development of the Cordis Briefing which has provided challenging and insightful commentary on the development of social care and supported housing for over ten years.

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